Where Every Child Has The Chance To Shine

Where Every Child Has The Chance To ShineWhere Every Child Has The Chance To ShineWhere Every Child Has The Chance To Shine

Important Dates

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Audition Material


Singing Audition

For your music audition, prepare a 32-measure selection from a song. It can be from Bye Bye Birdie or from a musical with a similar style. Choose a song that you know very well and that best shows off your voice. It can be up-tempo or a ballad. If you are singing something from a show other than Bye Bye Birdie, please bring sheet music in the correct key. An accompanist will be provided.

A singing audition is not mandatory, however, it does let us know who is ready for a lead or a featured solo. 

Acting Audition

There are sides and a monologue attached below. Please pick one scene to work on and perfect. We encourage you to make character choices to bring to the audition. Make the character your own. 

Casting Process

Casting is always a challenge.  Although everyone can't be a lead, we will ensure everyone is featured and has their moment. Cast list's will be emailed within 5 days after the auditions. 

Show Weekend Information

Bye Bye Birdie

Dress Rehearsals 

Saturday and Tuesday classes: Thursday, June 4th 4:30p - 8:00p

Wednesday and Thursday classes: Friday, June 5th 4:30p - 8:00p


Tuesday and Saturday classes: Saturday, June 6th 2p and 5p 

Saturday class arrival time is 12pm

Tuesday class arrival time is 1pm 

Wednesday and Thursday classes: Sunday, June 7th at 2p and 5p

Wednesday class arrival time is 12pm

Tuesday class arrival time is 1pm

Each day students should bring a water bottle and a snack. Pizza will be served between the performances. A small donation is appreciated. 

All rehearsals and performances will be at:

The Wunsch Center 

Finley Middle School

1 Forest Ave

Glen Cove, NY 11542


Ticket Sales Info TBA

Every student gets two comp tickets. You discount code is your last name in all CAPS. Your code will give you 2 per child. Don't forget to enter the code at checkout!!

COMP TICKETS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE. Your comp tickets will not be available at the door.  If for some reason you cannot pre-purchase your tickets online  please let me know ASAP so we can make arrangements. Please do this ahead of time. I will not be able to check on your comps the day of the show. 

Online ticket sales will stop at 11am on the day of the performances. Tickets will also be available at the door.


We will be taking donations for the refreshment table (water, baked goods, candy, chips etc). If you would like to contribute, please bring your items on performance day. Water bottles are always a big seller!!  

We sell all items for $1 and the proceeds go to our Scholarship fund. 

Props Needed - TBA

Costumes - TBA

Hair and Make-up - TBA

We can always use extra help with hair and makeup before the show.



Hi Chris!
I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for all of your hard work executing the Grease production. The show was fabulous! The costumes were adorable! The music was joyful! I am most impressed by your gentle and warm manner with the children. I was reluctant to enroll Ellamarie in a theatre class because I was worried it would be too high pressure and she would lose her love of performing. I remember as a child performing Annie and the director was constantly yelling at us. All of the children were petrified.  Your direction in Jazz Hands provides such a supportive environment for the children to gently take risks on the stage.  As a parent, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that.  
-Andrea Macari

From the overall production down to the individual attention paid to our four children, I could not have been happier with Jazz Hands Children's Theatre Camp. The directors of the camp have the amazing gift to bring out the best in my children. While my kids were stretched and grew in their artistic abilities, it was done in such a way that their excitement for camp never waned. As we look back over the events of the summer, the highlights definitely include their camp performances and the friendships and fun they had at Theatre Camp. We will definitely be participating again next year. 
Thank you for investing in our kids!
-Lisa Bright

Kimberly and Kaitlin attended the [Jazz Hands Summer Camp] Camp. I feel one of the most difficult part of children's theatre is maintaining a balance between putting on a quality production and giving every child, even those with little natural ability, an opportunity to feel important in the production. My children have participated in several childrens theatrical organizations your program is among those that succeeded in this balance. My children felt valued at your camp and that is more important than any theatrical skills they may have aquired.
-Karen T Hunt

I look forward to [Jazz Hands Summer Camp] coming to Coeur d'Alene every summer! They are great teachers and have boosted my confidence onstage. I have learned so many things from them like blocking, singing, and choreography. I used to be very afraid of getting onstage, but now I look forward to it, and it is all because of [Jazz Hands]!
-Sabby Stasney

Every year we are amazed by the top quality performances [Jazz Hands Children's Theatre] put on with children after only one week together. These camps are both fun and educational with the highest level of professionalism you will find anywhere. Our daughter truly looks forward to every day of this camp and it is worth every penny!

-David & Bryony Stasney