Where Every Child Has The Chance To Shine

Where Every Child Has The Chance To ShineWhere Every Child Has The Chance To ShineWhere Every Child Has The Chance To Shine

Welcome to the NEW Performers Page!

This is where you will find recordings, choreography videos and other tools to help you with your at home practice. If there is anything not shown that you think will be helpful, let us know! 

What's Up Duloc (Part 1)

This video is for Littles only. 

Morning Person Rat Choreography Pt1

Wednesday/Saturday classes. Learn the steps here. 

Morning Person Rat Choreography Pt2

Wednesday/Saturday Class. Use this practice video after you have learned the steps. 

Freak Flag Choreography Part 1

This is for the Wednesday/Saturday classes, but the Littles may enjoy learning the moves too. 

Freak Flag Choreography Part 2

This video covers the second half of the song.

Freak Flag Choreography Part 3

Use this video to practice the number once you have learned the steps in Parts 1 & 2

Vocal Warm Up

This Warm Up is great for ALL Students

"Forever" Part 1: Wednesday/Saturday Classes

We would like all students to learn this song even if you're not the Dragon or a Knight! Thanks

"Forever" Pt. 2: Wednesday/Saturday Classes

Part 2 for the Wednesday/Saturday Class

"Forever" Difficult Parts: Wednesday/Saturday Classes

In this video, Steven breaks down some of the more challenging parts of the song. 

"Forever" Homework

Be The Conductor! This lesson is for the Wednesday/Saturday Classes

Exercise: Heavy/Light Register

Great Lesson for all girls

Exercise: Vocal Colors

This Lesson is for ALL Classes